Summer '17 and Where i've been..


Bring me a cool new concept, and lets shoot! 


My Summer shootings:

Since this June i've had  35+ shoots which some will be posted below! 

Bringing in July 4th, I was in LA almost every day for a week shooting with some amazing people. I plan to move back very soon and I have some awesome shoots lined up already.

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When I got back to the city we knocked out some lingerie shoots from 3 women. They are all super talented and are so sweet. Check them out

Thats where I'll leave off for right now!

This was all early July, so we have a lot more to go! 

I cant say it enough, but all the support means the world to me. The DMs, comments, all of that. Ya'll my favorite. 

OKAY. /end novel. Until next time 🌹


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