Randi Olivia

This is my third time shooting with Randi in the last year. Before, we have shot in parking garages and the middle of the woods, but this time we met up at her house with really no plan. Not really any wardrobe picked out beforehand either. We just put on some music and got in the zone. 

I hear stories that some photographers HAVE to be in control of what you're shooting that day. What color your shoe laces are, how long your winged eyeliner is, how many times you can blink before you ruin their whole day, blablabla. I believe theres a time and place for that. All I know is that i've taken some of my best photos without ever planning them. 

Here are just a few from our shoot

Randi is unique. You just get that feeling that you're working with someone thats going to make it big one day and that you are part of that foundation. Keep an eye on this one; big things coming.