Coming to a close..

This has been one of the best years of my life. 

I bought a camera last May and had my first photoshoot, exactly a year ago, with Sydney Maler. God knows how I landed an established model with over 1 million followers while I had no work to show but I'm glad I did. Her experience made the poses so fluid and emotion filled. It was literally *click* pose *click* pose. This was new to me, I lacked on giving direction so that was exactly what I needed.

I was staying in the Grand Del Mar for a few days in San Diego and knew I needed to work with people there. What better place than California? The very next day I shot with Danielle Eells who convinced me to make photography Instagram. A genuine soul if there ever is one. She introduced me to Acai bowls a month later so I mean theres your proof. 

Even to this day I wonder how these photos came out so well haha. 

I am so grateful to these girls for giving me a chance; allowing me to find a passion. I remember I was sitting in that hotel on the last day looking through all the photos on the camera and I was so happy.

The photos gained traction from their pages and I was getting messages from California, New York, Chicago, Miami, everywhere. People liked them and I knew I needed to book more shoots to try different looks and styles. I was still very basic with editing at this point and I needed to get out and learn.  

I reached out to Corttanie Hambrick and shot my first lingerie/implied shoot, as well as a little 4th of July theme! She was so supportive and encouraged me to take direction with placing models and creating the photo instead of just capturing whats in front of me. She constantly supports me, even to this day, and it means the world to me. Thank you for everything, Corttanie. 

That same day I met up with Marta and we got ice cream, hung out around the park, lit off some smoke bombs, talked about agencies and other photographers. This was the first time I was shooting and didn't have a set location planned. One of those shoots where you literally meet up and walk. 

I could write for hours about these shoots, learning editing, my first video, my next shoots, moving to California. Its all been crazy and my life was flipped upside down after these. I've spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours editing and making mistakes and learning from them.

Never have I stuck with something like I have with photography. 

I remember when I had 23 followers, and just a few weeks ago one of them messaged me saying how I'm one of their favorite photographers; along side with Ohrangutang and Stevebitanga. I told my dad that shit haha. That is more than I can ask for and I'm so grateful. Im grateful for the journey, all of you that enjoy my work, and just the endless opportunities. You meet people you never would have met otherwise through this and its a blessing. I cant wait to see what year 2 brings.

Thank you

A ScardPhotography Motion